FR 6500 550 Mm/22" Full Extension Drawer Slide, White

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    Introducing the FR 6500 550 mm/22" Full-Extension Telescopic-Action Drawer Slide. This innovative drawer slide is specifically designed for cabinet makers and professional manufacturers who demand nothing but the best for their products.

    Experience the effortless functionality of this self-closing drawer slide. With solid silent rollers, every drawer glides with ease and precision. The impact-absorbing stop and overrun safety clip, already mounted in the middle profile, provide an added layer of protection and durability.

    Installation has never been easier with the FR 6500. Thanks to its easy mounting and removal of the middle profile, you can save valuable time and ensure a seamless installation process. Furthermore, the special reinforcement of the middle profile guarantees exceptional stability, even under heavy loads.

    Quiet operation is a top priority, and the FR 6500 exceeds expectations. The special geometry of the backstops and self-closing features work together to eliminate any unwanted noise, providing a serene environment. Say goodbye to annoying rattling and hello to the harmony of precise guidance.

    Simplicity meets versatility with the FR 6500. With its double-sided captive profile ensures that your drawers have high lateral stability, offering both functionality and style. We understand the importance of maximizing storage space, which is why the FR 6500 comes with over-extension as a standard feature. This allows you to access every inch of your drawer effortlessly and efficiently. No more struggling to reach items at the back.

    Don't compromise on quality when it comes to your craft. The FR 6500 is the premier choice for cabinet makers and professional manufacturers. Elevate your products to the next level with this exceptional drawer slide. Experience the ease, durability, and precision that you deserve. Order yours today and revolutionize your creations.