Hettich KA1730 Drawer Slides Specifications


Download the Hettich KA1730 Specifications sheet.


OVIS often sells these as replacements in furniture from European maufacturers like Ikea. They are commonly used in dresser drawers and some small drawers in office furniture. The grooved drawer slides are not generally used is USA made furniture, as a result it is hard to find replacements. Please check the availability in the grooved drawer silde category. If we do not currently stock the size you need, it will take 4-8 weeks to get from Germany. Minimums of 20 may apply for uncommon sizes.


Hettich KA 1730 Grooved Drawer SlideHettich's sturdy and technically perfected KA 1730 ball-bearing slides satisfy the toughest demands on quality. Requiring no maintenance and guaranteeing years of trouble-free service, they are ideal for a wide range of applications in the living room, bedroom and home office. Hardened steel balls in a ball race made of noise-absorbing plastic give these ball-bearing slide systems their smooth running action and high lateral stability. Runners and ball race form a non-separable, easy-to-fit unit. Hettich ball-bearing slides are precision engineered to ensure the smooth interaction of all components. This guarantees their high load-bearing capacity and long life expectancy. Hardened steel balls, plastic ball races, precision runners – all help to make sure these fittings give full satisfaction.


  • KA 1730 ball-bearing slide for 17 mm groove, screw-on installation
  • 13 sizes for drawer lengths from 155 to 550 mm
  • Load capacity 10 kg (22 lbs.)
  • Precision slide with pull-out stop and roll-out guard
  • Perfectly controlled, smooth action and high lateral stability
  • Ball race in noise-absorbing plastic with hardened steel balls
  • Runners and ball race form a complete, non-separable unit
  • Arrow indicating mounting direction
  • Additional support for drawer from lengths of 430 mm and over
  • Galvanised steel



Hettich Video of Features and Dimensions of the KA 1730 Grooved Drawer Slides.



Hettich Video of the installationof the KA 1730 Grooved Drawer Slides.