PUBLISHED: Monday, March 23, 2020 by Staff

OVIS is open and actively shipping out orders to our customers. We help supply the companies who keep your grocery items refrigerated, Fire Rescue/Fire Departments, Police Depts. and others too numerous to count who are critical to infrastructure and or maintenance companies. We also know that our homeowners have to keep their houses running smoothly also.  Things do break at the most inopportune times.  Please keep that in mind if you think OVIS is trying to stay open for any other reason.


We have closed off all outside traffic (Walk-in customers) other than our delivery drivers. We request truck drivers to remain outside the building as we unload our deliveries. We have supplied Lysol and hand sanitizer to our employees to use on all surfaces and they do so throughout the day. We HAVE NOT increased any pricing and WILL NOT be doing any price gouging during this very critical time. We are simply keeping our company open as per being essential in the supply chain. We serve all 50 States. We are working short staffed at this time. Customer Service is here to help but, being short staffed we cannot keep all phone lines open at this time.  Please limit calls to technical support and send an email for RMA for your returns or other questions that can be answered in that manner. 


We hope everyone is practicing Social Distancing and taking this COVID-19 seriously.