PUBLISHED: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 by Staff

Rev-A-Shelf 6882 Series Half Moon Lazy Susan Do you have a Blind Corner Cabinet that is driving you crazy because you can't see back into it to find anything you have stored?  Well, has the perfect solution and it's called a Half-Moon Lazy Susan! With a few simple measurements you can be well on your way to organizing those "lost" items that never really were "lost" at all! The most important measurement is the door opening width. If you have a standard blind corner cabinet, and you meet the minimum opening requirement, you should be good to go.  This unit operates in pretty much the same manner a regular lazy susan does with the only exception being that the half-moon trays swing outside of the cabinet and then pull out,  for full view of your items stored.

These units come in two different tray options - one style is made with wood, the Rev-A-Shelf 4WLS882 Series and the other is polymer, Rev-A-Shelf 6882 Series.  You obtain the same sturdiness from both types of trays, you just have to make up your mind which style best suits your kitchen design.  Each type is offered inRev-A-Shelf 4WLS882 Wood Half Moon Lazy Susan multiple sizes. They can be installed in either a right hand or left hand blind corner and Rev-A-Shelf graciously includes hardware for both face frame and frameless cabinets. The Half Moon Lazy Susan Unit is fabulous for helping you organize what once was a  virtually useless deep cabinet that was dark and hard to get into.  Discover how easily you can order and install one of these units and help yourself organize that disarrayed cabinet that you've been frustrated with for years. You may even find some hidden treasures you haven't thought about forever!

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