We stock popular cabinet assembly and hardware screws for attaching hinges and drawer slides.

The right screw for the job can make all the difference in a woodworking project. Wood screws must not only be the correct length, but also have the correct thread depth for the type of material you are using. 


At OVIS, our wood screw selection provides options for every type of use. There are many things to consider when choosing a wood screw: 



We carry screws from size #6 through #10, including metric Euroscrew sizes.


Head Type

Pan-head screws sit atop hardware, with no countersink and the ability to slightly adjust hardware during installation. Flat-head screws are best for countersinking, or select nibs on the heads for self-countersinking.



Choose the best finish to enhance the look of your project. We offer wood screws in nickel, zinc plating, and flat black.


Thread Depth

Deep threads work well in gripping MDF, particle board, and softwoods; look for shallower threads when working in hardwoods.


Drive type

Square drive (Robertson) screws lock onto screwdriver bits securely and offer high torque with almost no slippage. Phillips drive provides good gripping strength with little or no side slippage.



We carry many lengths, from half-inch to three-inch. We also carry break-away machine screws when you do not know the length you will need. 


From a small order of 100 screws to large bulk orders, OVIS offers what you need to do your best work.

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Deerwood, MFXP08212SNZ, #8 X 2-1/2 IN. Flat Phillips, Nibs Type 17, Zinc
Deerwood, MFXP08214SNZ, #8 X 2-1/4 IN. Flat Phillips, Nibs Type 17, Zinc
Deerwood, MFXP10114R3F, #10 X 1-1/4 IN. Screws, Flat HeadPhillips, Black
Deerwood, MPXP08012R2Z, #8 x 1/2" Pan Head Phillips Tapping Screws
Deerwood, MPXP10034R2N, #10 x  3/4 Screw, Pan Head Phillips,  Nickel. 1000
Deerwood, TBC200X212WD, 1/4 Hex Combo Driver, 2-1/2 in. #2 Recess
Deerwood, TBS100X100TS, 1/4 Hex Single Driver, 1 X 1 Insert, #1 Square
Deerwood, TBS200X412TS, 1/4 Hex Single Driver, 2x4-1/2 in. , # 2 Square
Deerwood, TBS200X600TS, 1/4 Hex Single Driver, 2" X 6", # 2 Square Drive
Deerwood, TBX100X100WS, 1/4 Hex Single Driver, 1 x 1 Insert, # 1 Phillips
Deerwood, TBX200X100WS, 1/4 Hex Single Driver, 2 x 1 Insert, # 2 Phillips
Deerwood, TBX200X200WS, 1/4 Hex Single Driver, 2 x 2 , # 2 Phillips Drive
Deerwood, TBX200X234WS, 1/4 Hex Single Driver, 2 x 2 -3/4", # 2 Phillips
Deerwood, TH MAGBITDBL, Quick Release Magnetic Bit Holder
Deerwood, TH MAGBITHTS, 3 Inch Bit Holder
Deerwood, MFPE05130R2N, 5mm X 13 mm Euroscrew, Flat Phillips, Nickel
Deerwood, CFXP05058R2Z, #5 x 5/8 Screws, Flat Phillips,  Zinc
Deerwood, CFXP05058R2Z, #5 x 5/8 Screws, Flat Phillips,  Zinc
Deerwood, CFXP06058R2N, #6 x  5/8 Screw, Flat Phillips,  Nickel
Deerwood, CFXP06058R2Z, #6 x 5/8 Screws, Flat Phillips,  Zinc
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