PUBLISHED: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 by Donna Cook

Rev-A-Shelf 565-10-52 Wire Spice Rack

I had a customer call today needing an RMA for a 565-10-52 Door Mount Spice Rack. It seems that her cabinet shelves were not allowing her to use the product and also close her cabinet door. I issued her RMA and while offering her a possible product for her dilemma, I thought to myself that this could be a good blog article. carries a variety of Rev-a-Shelf, Door Mount Spice Racks. From the budget friendly 565 Series, to the top of the line 4ASR Series, you are sure to find one that will work for you.

Let me begin with the 565 Series. This Spice Rack is made of Heavy Gauge White Wire and installs quickly with only 4 screws.  The top three shelves are for your bottled spices and has a lower rack for larger containers like jars of bullion cubes, etc. The shelves are not adjustable and offers little flexibility when installing.  Yes, you could raise or lower your cabinet shelves to accommodate the unit, (unless you have shelves that are fixed in place), but if you are like me, you have that cabinet already set for other items and raising the cabinet shelves would result in rethinking what you are already storing in the cabinet. Call me lazy, but I look for a fast and easy "Mess to Managed" project.

Next in the series are the 4SR units. These are made from birch/maple hardwood and will match to about any cabinet finish. The 4SR series offers three shelves for storing spices which have chrome front rails making this unit sleek and stylish. Again, the only draw back with this unit is the shelves are not adjustable. You could adjust your cabinet shelves or mount the unit to where the spice rack will not hit your cabinet shelves. There is no guarantee that this will work for all customers applications.  You may end up returning the product for the same reason as the customer I helped earlier today.

Quick Tip: Always look for PDF files that show you the measurements of the product. PDF's can save you from returning an item that just doesn't quite work for you. Keep this in mind: Manufacturers supply one image of the entire product line so-never, never, never, shop by the picture. I can't tell you how many times I hear "It looked bigger/smaller in the picture".  Print the PDF out and take it to your cabinet so you can see how the rack will fit in your cabinet before you order. (I am sharing, not preaching. I "assumed" when I ordered something from another website and got an item that smaller than what I thought I was ordering).

The 4ASR series has adjustable shelves which allows much more flexibility when you install the unit on your cabinet door. You still have the birch/maple hardwood with the chrome front rail so you still have a stylish unit. The 4ASR comes with 2 slotted standards which allows you to place the spice shelves where you need them. Keep in mind when you have the unit mounted it takes up 4" inside your cabinet when you close the door. (Note product image) Personally, this is the unit I would recommend to everyone. Yes, it is the most expensive, but by the time you return another unit that may not work with your shelves, you could have put the money wasted in return shipping into this little beauty and had a unit that gives you more flexibility when you install it.

I hope this little article helps you out if you are in the market for a way to organize your spices. It never hurts to take a second look at the cabinet you intend to use the product in. It takes the fun out of "Mess to Managed" projects when you have to return an item that does not work for your application. If you find yourself thinking, "Will my shelves possibly be in the way?" The 4ASR just may be the answer for you!

Do you have an item you want to know more about? Have you recently installed a spice rack? I would love to see pictures of your completed projects or even see what you are trying to organize. Don't forget to leave feedback.

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