PUBLISHED: Tuesday, August 11, 2015 by Donna Cook

For those of us who are pet parents, we know just how many items accumulate in regards to our fur-babies. My two lovely ladies, Hannah and Madi are the apple of my eye.  Hannah is one year old and Madi is eight years old.  hannahandmadiThey both have unique dietary needs.  I have, in the past had up to three dogs, each of which had different dog food requirements. Needing multiple bags of dry dog food, it was quite an eyesore seeing three large open bags of dry dog food sitting on  the laundry room floor.  All of the dogs were well-behaved and never offered to tip a bag creating an "all you can eat buffet!"  Storage was on my to-do list. RV-35-17-15 My solution was RV-50-52 & RV-50-17-52 (50 Qt.) Replacement Trash Cans and matching RV-LID-50, lids which are sold separately.  If you have smaller pets or prefer to purchase smaller bags of dry food, these containers also come in RV-35 (35 Qt.) series with matching lids sold separately.


Here is my helpful hint.  As responsible pet parents, we know feeding the proper portions is important to our babies health. The under side of the lid is the best place to post the proper cup/portion feeding for each animal. Hannafeedingamounts Feeding instructions can be found on the side label of your vet recommended brand of pet food. Posting the instructions under the lid prevents overfeeding of your little friends.  I have dogs, but this would work for any animal. All critters need food! Storing the food in this manner keeps the open bags from being tipped over and possibly offering, as I said, the "all you can eat buffet" option. This storage solution also keeps the food free from insects and safe from the occasional-Mus musculus...better known as the house mouse. The 4WCBM-15DM-1 4WCBM_15DM_LIFESTYLE_Ais a good item for home with a single dog home or multiple pets who share a common dry food.  This item has a soft close feature with rear storage. The lid is not included but I suggest purchasing the lid to keep the contents secure.  This Pull-out has a rear storage compartment which can hold anything from treats, toys, pet shampoos or other grooming items. I hope this gives other pet parents some ideas on storing your pet foods.  As you can see, Hannah was involved in the creation of pictures for this article. hannafoodcontainersCould it have been the lids were open on the dog food? Probably so. Now....I need to come up with a solution to store their abundant supply of toys!  Sounds like my next project. I'll share what I come up with our readers soon! If you have any ideas to share, leave some feedback. I would love to feature your ideas in a future article.

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