How to: Determining Hinge Overlay

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Diagram depicting what hinge overly is.

If you are trying to replace an existing hinge, there are a few things we need to know depending on the type of hinge. In all cases we need to know the "Overlay" this is the dimension that the door covers the face frame or cabinet side for European frameless cabinets.

Determining Hinge Overlay

The most accurate and easy way determine the correct overlay, measure the width of the door, then measure the width of the opening (for that door) then divide the difference by two. So, for example, if your door is 12" wide, and the opening is 11" wide, the difference is 1", divide by 2, equals 1/2". Your overlay is 1/2". If you have a pair of doors that covers 1 opening, add the width of both doors plus a 1/16" for a gap between the doors, then follow the above. This way the doors are centered on the opening and will line up with the drawer fronts.

Replacing Hettich Hinges

If you're replacing an existing Hettich European hinge, we recommend using our contact form here to submit photos of the hinge and mounting plate. A top view and side/edge view are required to assure the most accurate method for us to determine what you have. The reason we suggest this is that there are many subtle differences in the hinges, as well as older series that are incompatible with current versions. We have many older series still in stock for an exact match. Submit your photos using the contact form here.

How to: Determining Hinge Overlay
Chip December 18, 2014
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