Organizing Your Pots & Pans

Who hasn’t had to dig for a pot or pan in the stack we keep in the cabinet? Organization is the key! These pot & pan organizers not only organize your pots and pans...they KEEP them organized

Rev-A-Shelf manufactures these cookware organizers not just for pots & pans, but also your lids. The dedicated pull-out lid shelf keeps the lids up top for easy access. These are a must for any kitchen. Not only can be these be installed in new cabinets, but they can also be installed in your existing base cabinet. Sturdy construction and full extension slides are just some of the features these cabinet organizers have to offer.

Combine the Pot & Pan Organizer with a Pull Out Shelf

The Rev-A-Shelf pot & pan organizers are great at organizing your skillets, saucepans and lids but often are not the best for deep stock pots and other deep pots.

OVIS recommends using one of the

Rev-A-Shef 5WB1 single shelf, pull out shelf,

or the (as shown in the photo to the left)

Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2, 2 shelf pull out shelves for the ultimate flexibility in organizing your pots and pans.

Keep Your Pots & Pans Organized

Sure, you can organize your pots and pans in you cabinets without a dedicated pot & pan organizer. The question is, can you keep them organized? We've all spent hours getting our pots and pans organized only to find out weeks later, all that hard work has gone to waste. Our organization efforts slip away, day by day, with rushed dinners, hurried putting away of dishes and pots and pans and trying to get it done before we go to bed. With a pot & pan organizer, there is only one spot, the correct spot, for that pan to go. Then the next time you reach for it, it's right where you expect it.

Chad Lyons November 29, 2023
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