Types of Lazy Susans for Cabinets


  • Did you know that there are at least 5 kinds of lazy susans available from OVIS?  We also stock replacement parts for all the Lazy Susans that we sell.  With so many choices, how do you know which one is correct for your kitchen? This guide may be helpful to you in selecting the lazy susan or replacement parts you require.

Five Types

There are five general types of lazy susans (not including colors and sizes).  Characteristics of each vary, so selecting the correct one is not as daunting as you may think.  If constructing a new kitchen, you may want to discuss possibilities with your contractor or cabinet builder.  The following are descriptions for each type to aid in selecting the correct type for your kitchen.

Kidney Shaped Lazy Susans are attached to the inside of the cabinet - not attached to the cabinet door.  They are built for use in a corner cabinet where the cabinet door opens independently of the lazy susan.  The cabinet doors are usually attached to each other by a specialty corner cabinet hinge allowing them to swing open providing access to the Lazy Susan.

Pie Cut Lazy Susans are often confused with kidney shaped ones described above.  The primary shape is the same, but the key difference is that the shelves of the pie cut lazy susans have a square inside corner so the cabinet doors can attach without modification and form a perfect 90* angle. Since the door are attached to the spinning lazy susan, they must be designed as inset doors so they can rotate into the cabinet opening. 

Full Circle Lazy Susans are well named - they have full circle trays with no cut out for cabinet doors.  They do not attach to the cabinet doors and do fit well in corner cabinets. Full Circle Lazy Susans can work in other cabinets, as well.  Additionally, some come in pantry shelf sets that have up to 5 shelves and occupy opening up to 62" high inside the cabinet.

D Shaped Lazy Susans are similar to full circle lazy susans, but have one flat side.  They work well in regular or corner cabinets and use space more efficiently in some applications.  Like full circle lazy susans, 5 shelf Panty models are available for full height cabinet installations.  

Half Moon Lazy Susans are shaped like a half moon! They are an excellent choice for blind corner cabinets, as they provide excellent access to items once the shelf is pivoted and pulled out. 

Colors and Materials of Lazy Susans

There are two colors of polymer Lazy Susans - white or almond.  There is no longer a wheat colored Lazy Susan.  It was a much darker tan color than the current almond color.  If you need a wheat colored replacement shelf, please order two of the almond colored and replace both. The wheat and almond do not match and wheat color was discontinued many years ago. 

Another option for your Lazy Susan is natural wood.  The shelves of wooden Lazy Susans appear as solid Maple.  However, they are actually made of high-density (9-ply) plywood with solid maple rim.  The maple rim makes the shelves stronger and less apt to warp or split.  And they are beautiful!


The most critical decision in the purchase of a Lazy Susan or replacement shelf is SIZE.  When ordering a replacement shelf, carefully measure the entire diameter of the shelves at the widest point.  Rev-A-Shelf measurements are taken from the underneath side of the Lazy Susan shelf.  Sizes are so similar that choosing between an 18", 22" or 24" by eye is very difficult.  It can also cost time and money sending the wrong size back and re-ordering the correct size.  Therefore, use a tape measure to ensure you are ordering exactly what you require. 

When measuring for new lazy susan, not a replacement, we recommend making a template out of cardboard, or similar, cut it to the biggest's size of Lazy Susan shelf you think may fit. This way you can test fit the template through the cabinet opening and into the cabinet space. If it doesn't fit, then cut it down to the next smaller size and check the fit again. Getting the size correct prior to ordering your new one will save time and money on returns.

Finally, the 31 & 32 inch Lazy Susan need to be installed before the countertops are installed.  Due to their large diameter, they will not fit through the cabinet door opening.  If a shelf breaks on one of these units, you will need to replace it with a smaller Lazy Susan that will fit through the cabinet door.  When ordering a larger Lazy Susan, 28" to 32", please order it well in advance to ensure it will arrive before your cabinet or countertop installers.  

Chad Lyons November 29, 2023
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