10 Insanely Creative Ideas for Remodeling a New Home

10 Insanely Creative Ideas for Remodeling a New Home

After seeing the insides of so many beautiful homes in your favorite Homes & Gardens magazines and on TV, you have a lot of ideas for how you’d outfit your dream house. Since you’re moving into a new home and have a blank canvas in front of you, now’s the time to make those dreams a reality! You now have a fresh start, and this is the perfect chance to install the latest and greatest in-home upgrades and get one step closer to your ideal home.

But where do you begin? Remodeling a new home is overwhelming in its possibilities, so it can be hard to know which additions to ask for. There are so many ideas out there, so why not try something a little creative? These 10 ideas are sure to make your house stand out from the crowd.

Fill in the Empty Space

Use every last bit of space in your kitchen by installing a filler organizer. These thin, pull-out cabinets are perfect for storing spices and oil next to the stove or organizing kitchen equipment out of site. These organizers cannot be retrofitted into existing cabinets, so a kitchen remodel is the perfect time to add one (or more!) in.

Hide Your Trash Cans

A great way to save space in a small kitchen is to utilize your under-counter space. One great thing to hide under the counter is your trash cans. A pull-out trash can keeps your unsightly trash cans out of view while also saving valuable kitchen floor space.

Upgrade Your Drawer Slides

A kitchen remodel is the perfect time to upgrade your drawer slides. Soft-close drawer slides are a staple in high-end kitchens. The soft close mechanism closes your drawers and automatically and safely and locks the drawer firmly into place. Soft-close drawer slides cannot be retrofitted onto existing drawers, so a kitchen remodel is a great time to install them.

Free Up Some Counter Space

Sick of your bulky KitchenAid mixer taking up valuable counter space? A heavy duty mixer lift frees up your counter space while making it easy to move your mixer back up to counter level. When you’re done with it, use the release lever to lower it slowly back down to its concealed position.

Keep Your Slacks from Slipping

Hanging pants on typical clothes hangers takes up a lot of closet space and generally leads to them slipping off and landing on the floor. Maximize your closet space and keep your slacks from slipping by hanging them on a wire fan pant rack. The wire rack holds up to nine pairs of pants and keeps them easily accessible. Don’t miss this addition in your closet upgrade.

Update Your Closet from Top to Bottom

Make the most out of a corner closet by installing a spiral clothes rack. You can hang up to 40 items on the rack from top to bottom, and it turns 360 degrees so you can access your whole wardrobe easily. Everyone will be jealous of your updated closet.

Use Your Under-Stair Space

(Source: Houzz)

If you have a two-story home, there is no reason to waste the space underneath your stairs. Do something clever with it instead! Installing a pull-out shoe rack is a great way to stop having shows strewn all over your entryway while keeping them conveniently located.

Install a Baseboard Vacuum

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You know that line of dirt that appears when you’re sweeping that you just can’t ever seem to clean up? Enter the baseboard vacuum. Just maneuver your dirt pile over to the opening, and then with a simple flip of the toe switch the vacuum sucks the dirt straight to your central vacuum system. Stop dealing with messy dustpans and dirty floors!

Embrace Technology

white and gray security camera mounted on yellow painted wall

The future is here! Make your new home a connected home by installing state-of-the art security technology. With the latest security systems, like the ones from Nest, you will have peace of mind no matter how far you roam from your new home.

Slide Instead of Walk

Okay, this one might be a little unrealistic, but who doesn’t want to slide from room to room of their house? Slides are a hit with kids, so they are perfect for family homes, but we bet you’ll find yourself using it as well.

Make Your New Home Special

Your home is your castle, and there are many ways to customize it creatively. Before your head starts to spin from all of the choices, remember to begin with what’s practical, aesthetically pleasing, and also just plain cool technologically. Adding these devices to your new home will help you take advantage of extra space, keep things looking tidy, and make your home safer, cleaner, and more open. So give them a try, and enjoy the results!

Staff August 22, 2023
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