Prepping Your Home For Holiday Guests

During the holidays, it’s so nice to spend time with friends and family. However, it can be stressful to plan and coordinate big holiday events in your home. There are so many things to do around the house to prepare for holiday guests, but don’t worry.

Before the overeating and celebrating begin, take some time to review how to prepare for holiday visitors. From cleaning to decorating, keep this list handy to be sure your home is ready for some holiday cheer.

In The Kitchen

assorted chips with vegetable on brown wooden chopping board

Stock up on snacks

Turkey and stuffing aren't the only things people love eating during the holidays. Stock up on party mix, chips, or any other snack that your guests will love.

Clean the microwave

As people come back for more servings, your holiday food will cool off. Instead of settling for cold turkey, your guests will want to use your microwave to warm it up. Old grime and food is unsightly and impairs a microwave's function, so use a good microwave-safe degreaser to thoroughly clean your microwave.

Organize Your Kitchen

dining set photographyEasily maneuvering around the kitchen is a must, especially when preparing holiday meals and treats. Arrange your kitchen tools and appliances according to how you use your kitchen. Kitchen organization is an art and a science, but the sooner you get organized the more you will enjoy spending time in your kitchen.

Clean drip coffee makers

Mineral buildup in coffee makers makes coffee taste awful. Clear your coffee maker of mineral deposits by running a half cycle with a vinegar and water solution.

Tune up the cabinets and hardware.

a kitchen with a basket of pumpkinsYou will be constantly opening and closing cabinets and drawers during a holiday event. Avoid drawer jams or oddly hanging doors by tightening screws and adjusting or replacing hinges and drawer slides as necessary. Also, consider how you store items in your cabinets. Cabinet organizers make it easier to clear clutter and make cabinet space more efficient.

Inspect the dishwasher

Holiday dishes add up fast. Your dishwasher should be prepared to clean it all. Check and clean your door and drain area.

Inspect the refrigerator

Your fridge will be working hard as it is constantly opened and closed. When this happens, it has to fight against warm air to keep everything cool. Avoid losing food by inspecting your refrigerator and tuning it up as necessary. Look out for blocked vents, damaged or misaligned gaskets, and frosted vents. Also, keep a spare light bulb handy just in case your current one dies.

Sharpen knives

Cutting holiday meat shouldn't be a workout. Sharpen your cutlery so that slicing food will be a breeze.

Around The Housea variety of tools are sitting on a table

Replace burned out light bulbs

Your holiday home should be bright, cheery, and easy to see the smiling faces of friends and family. You will need plenty of lighting. Find and replace all burned out light bulbs in the home.

Bring in firewood

You need dry firewood for your fireplace to burn effectively. When it sits outside, especially in the snow, your firewood doesn't dry. Move your firewood inside a few days before your holiday event to give it time to dry off.

Take care of the toilet

A clogged toilet flooding your bathroom would be disastrous. Repair any flushing mechanisms that have been giving you trouble and tighten the fasteners on the floor. If a toilet tends to clog, have the drain line cleaned. Discretely store a plunger in an easily accessible location.

Declutter your home

round clear glass-top table and five gray chairs dining seStore away anything that doesn't need to be out during the holiday event, so that it won't be in the way or make your house seem like a mess. If you're having trouble finding a place for everything, invest in organizers for your spaces. Also, throw away or recycle anything that you no longer need, such as old newspapers.

Place furniture strategically

Everyone should be able to engage with other guests and see the television during the game. Ensure this by strategically arranging your furniture. If you don't have enough seats, get some folding chairs for the day.

For Safety

Child-proof your home

Children are curious and mischievous. You should protect them from themselves before they arrive for the holidays by child-proofing your home. Cover any unused outlets, block stairways, and place breakable items out of a child’s reach.

Fire prevention

You don't want a sudden fire to ruin your holiday event or endanger your guests and home. There are several steps you can take to minimize your risk: inspect your fire extinguisher, ensure that no doors will be blocked off, thoroughly clean your oven and stove, and replace your smoke detector batteries.

Make your home slip- and fall-proof

A bad slip and fall would ruin your holiday event. Especially in snowy weather, the risk of falls and injuries is high. Prevent this by adding some floor friction to any slippery areas. This includes using double-sided tape to fasten slippery rugs and adding mats to slippery floors.

Holiday & Winter Concerns

child standing in front of Christmas tree with string lights

Decorate for the holidays

Holiday cheer should flow throughout your home. Stock up on bright and lively decorations. Add lights, candles, and other holiday decorations throughout your home to create that special holiday feeling.

Snow removal

Getting in and out of your home should be easy. Remove snow from all entrances, exits, walkways, and driveways. If you don't feel like doing it, hire one of the local kids.

Especially For Guests

Prepare coat storage

three jacket hanging on wall hooksYou don't want your holiday guests tossing their coats everywhere due to a lack of coat storage space. Clear out your coat closet as much as possible. If necessary invest in a standalone coat rack for the day.

Offer storage space

People will bring purses, gifts, bags, and many other items to your holiday event. Offer a storage space for their belongings. This could be as simple as placing everything in a single room or large closet.

‘Tis The Season! Get Ready For The Holidays!

This year, enjoy more quality time with friends and family by beating holiday stress. By preparing your home for merry house guests, you’ll be ready for some good ‘ol holiday cheer! Happy holidays!

OVIS, Phyllis Staats August 23, 2023
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