Ultimate Guide to a Perfectly Organized Closet

A messy closet can be disheartening, especially when you’re struggling to make use of its space, don’t have room to hang everything, and see shirts tumbling out whenever you open the doors.

Wouldn’t it be nice to clean it up—for real this time? An organized closet makes getting ready for the day easier. When you can find everything you need and see your entire wardrobe laid out, it is faster to figure out what to wear. And that will save you valuable time.

At OVIS we supply everything you need to create your dream closet. Whether you are an experienced DIY-er or want a contractor to fix up your closet, make sure you check out this guide on how to organize your closet and see what we have to offer.

How to Organize Your Dream Closet

Protect Your Pants from Wrinkles

Don’t fold up your nice pants and let them get wrinkled in a drawer or hang them up and waste valuable closet space. A pull-out pants rack holds up to nine pairs of pants and keeps them safely hidden away, yet still easy to access. The rack features full-extension slides that allow you to slide the pants out all the way, sort through them, then slide them back into place.

Hide Your Hamper

A laundry hamper is usually an eyesore that takes up much-needed closet space. Hide that hamper away with a door-mount hamper. When closed, it simply looks like a large drawer; open it up and see that it features a convenient hamper with a lid. The heavy duty, full-extension slides extend fully for easy access, and they hold up under the heaviest loads.

Put Your Pants on a Rack

Maximize your closet storage space with the wire fan pants rack. This rack holds up to nine pairs of pants and is incredibly easy to install. Thanks to the addition of rubber O-rings, you can count on your pants to stay safely secured.

Use Your Closet’s Corner

Make use of the corner of your closet by installing a beautiful spiral clothes rack. This rack allows you to hang up to 40 items from top to bottom, and the 360-degree turning radius makes it easy to see and access all of it. This rack is both a beautiful and practical addition to any closet.

Organize Your Ties and Belts

If your ties and belts are stuffed haphazardly in a drawer or hung precariously on a clothes hanger, you need the pull-out tie and belt rack with a tray. The pull-out holds about 20 ties and five belts, and it has a convenient tray on top to hold your wallet, keys, watch, spare change, or anything else.

Give Your Closet a Valet

closet valet rod is the simplest way to add organization to your closet—and your life. The rod slides out, creating the perfect spot to hang your clothes while you plan your outfit, hold an outfit for an upcoming event, or sort through your closet to clean it out.

Hang Your Shirts Up High

Maximize your closet storage space with a pull-down closet rod. If you have a tall closet, this rod allows you to hang your clothes up high, but then easily lower them later. It is the perfect place to store out-of-season clothes that you don’t need to reach every day, while keeping them accessible when you need them.

Hang Your Belts and Scarves

Do you have your belts and scarves stuffed into a tote or a drawer that you have to rifle through whenever you need them? The belt and scarf organizer saves you time searching for your accessories by hanging them in plain site. This stylish and functional organizer will ensure you never lose a belt or scarf in the back of a drawer again.

Store Your Ties

black white and red textile

For the person with an enormous tie collection, the pull-out tie rack is a must have. The rack keeps your ties organized and stops them from getting wrinkled. Hide your ties away by sliding the rack into your closet, then pull it out for easy access to all your ties whenever you need one.

Fold Out Your Ironing Board

Save valuable closet storage space with the fold-out ironing board. Rather than dragging out a cumbersome ironing board every time you have a wrinkled piece of clothing, the fold-out ironing board fits easily in a drawer and folds out whenever needed.

Create Your Dream Closet

A clean closet may have seemed unattainable in the past, but with OVIS’ selection of organizing items, you’re within reach of achieving your dream. These clever tools stash your clothes and accessories out of sight but provide the functionality you need for daily use. Try them out, and see what it’s like to save yourself time and skip the frustration!

OVIS, Phyllis Staats August 22, 2023
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