Hettich FR 602 L Epoxy Coated Euro Roller Slide.

The Hettich FR602L was discontinued by Hettich over a decade ago. Replacements are no longer available. The rear mounting socket for this slide was also discontinued, and replacements were completely sold out about 2008. Then the rear socket for the FR 402L was shortened and was no longer a good choice for a replacement.

What are your options

Replace the side and rear mounting socket with the the Fulterer FR 1921 series of slide. It is an exact replacement as far as function, length, and hole placement should be very close or the same. You can get the replacement Fulterer FR 1921 here. Just measure the length you have now and replace with the same length. The available length options are from 300 mm (12”) to 550 mm (22”) in 50mm (2”) increments.

If you just want to replace the rear socket, you can get a piece of wood and attach it to the side of the cabinet then attach the slide to that piece of wood. In essence you are shimming out the side of the cabinet of compensate for the face frame offset. The piece of wood will have to be the same thickness as the offset of the face frame so that the slides remain parallel.

Chad Lyons November 28, 2023
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