Hettich KA1730: How to measure for a replacement

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In this video we are going to show you what you what need to know about replacing your grooved drawer slides that go into the 17-millimeter groove on the side of drawer. This is the Hettich KA 1730 and maybe you have a slide like this where this piece has gotten bent down from somebody pressing down on the drawer trying to close something or something like that but you'll see this piece is fairly well bent down here and of course the bearings came out and parts are missing and it's falling apart so it's pretty common we get questions like that all the time. So, where we developed this little video that shows what you need to know to replace one of these slides. 

So, the KA 1730 has a groove that Measurements is 17 millimeters tall and generally the groove is between 6 and 7millimetres deep and the overall distance from the side of the cabinet to the bottom of groove would be 10 millimeters and that's where the drawer slide stays inside the groove there and that supports weight of the drawer in there. There's also, we got a lot of calls for the slide that goes into a 27 millimeter groove and that is called the KA 270, that has the 27 millimeter tall route which is a little bit over an inch tall maybe like a 1-⅛" but we do not stock that it is a special order from Germany and we would never sell enough of them to justify the quantity would have to bring in from Germany so we will never have that one available at all so let's jump back to the KA 1730 there are two different types of those there is the regular one like this one and there's the one with front support where the slide goes all the way over to the to all the way up to the drawer front.

 Now why is that important? Because front support you will see some of these be shorter ones like this one right here do not have the front support in there and they actually work in two directions at the same time so you can't really have that front support in there then there are this one right here is an example of one that has the front support where the front of you drawer is out here, or, I'm sorry for the front of drawer is out here, you'll notice that there is an arrow at the front that shows the front of the drawer so this would be in the fully closed position right here and then at this is this would be attached to your cabinet as you slide your drawer out you'll see it slides out to there. So, whereas on this one you see the front of the drawer is this way, this would be the drawer in the fully closed [should say open] position this would be the front of the cabinet, then as you close the drawer it goes inside, and the front of your cabinet would be out here so this one would not fully support it. So that's one of the things that a lot of people don't understand about the slide. 

So now let's get into the most important thing is which one of these do I need to order. So, you'll see that these are fairly different and because of that you can't just say oh this is for this size drawer because it's not it will work anywhere in between here for the length of drawer. So the way you have to measure this is you have to measure the length of each part of the slide so you'll need to measure just the drawer member, the part that goes down into the drawer and measure that and find out what that is, and then match that up with the cabinet and then match up the cabinet member that's the one with all the holes in there. You'll see on our website, we have those listed down here at the bottom of the page, so we had to drawer member length and the cabinet member length and just remember that the ones with the holes in it is the cabinet member that has a lot of holes in it like this and then this one is the drawer member that goes down inside the groove. Then you can reference back to the specification sheet you can download the specification sheet view it on your computer right there... 

So that pretty much wraps up our video on grooved drawer slides. You can get to the grooved drawer slides by going to OVISonline.com/grooved There's really no sense in emailing us any pictures or dimensions or things like that because that's already out on the website that you can find yourself, if you do need further information contact OVIS drawer slide support.

Hettich KA1730: How to measure for a replacement
OVIS, Chip Wimbauer July 6, 2024
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