All about Grant Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding doors aren’t just for barns and patios anymore. As more homeowners learn about the benefits and versatility of Grant® sliding doors, this longtime architectural favorite has become a bona fide interior design trend.

If you’re interested in saving space, repurposing old lumber, or just adding something unique to your favorite room, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve answered the most common and important questions about sliding doors, so read on to learn more about this design staple and the role it could play in your own home. 

What are Grant® sliding doors?

Sliding doors have been a Grant® specialty for more than a century. Architects, engineers, and homeowners alike rely on the brand’s hardware to install doors and movable partitions that slide smoothly across any space. Some of the most popular examples include glass doors that slide together and apart, wooden doors that roll past each other along parallel tracks, single doors that slide back and forth for temporary privacy, and even shelves and storage compartments that slip back into the wall.

Grant® products don’t include the doors themselves, but rather heavy-duty sets of sliding door hardware that can accommodate a huge range of weights, styles, and needs. Grant® is a sub-brand of Hettich, a German company that specializes in furniture innovations, but Grant® sliding door hardware is always made in the United States to fit customers’ exact specifications. 

Why should I get sliding doors?

Sliding doors are red hot right now, but they’ve always been a fixture for interior designers and builders who know how to elevate spaces with unique finishing touches. Because you can mount so many different surfaces and partitions on sliding door tracks, you can turn virtually anything into a sliding door with Grant® hardware.

But why, exactly, are they so popular? A sliding door or pair of doors can accentuate any space or style, but they’re also highly functional additions that allow you to accomplish the following design feats:

Save room in smaller spaces.

Traditional swinging doors hog up to ten square feet of extra floor space. If you live in an apartment or condo – or you just want to conserve space in any room – sliding doors are a practical way to do that. If you opt for dividers that incorporate shelves, you’ll eliminate the need for bulky storage units too. 

Divide larger spaces into sections.

If you’re not starved for square footage, sliding doors could still transform your home by increasing your options. With one simple slide, you can divide an open floor plan or loft into two or more separate sections. Unlike a wall or stationary piece of furniture, they allow you to open your space back up effortlessly.

Reuse and refinish old materials.

Whether you want to save money, protect the environment, or learn a new skill, Grant® hardware creates an excellent opportunity to repurpose and refinish old doors or leftover lumber. 

Complement any style.

It’s impossible to find a style that won’t accommodate sliding doors. Ultra-modern, minimalist aesthetics call for furniture and fixtures that serve multiple purposes and don’t take up unnecessary space. Antique and retro styles rely on reused pieces that tell stories about their former lives. And of course, country-style homes can always benefit from a pair of barn doors that actually work as intended.

Conceal distractions!

While most sliding doors incorporate tracks that are mounted on the ceiling and floor, some creative designers and homeowners have installed miniature sets on walls, fireplace mantles, and more. Slide a sleek piece of glass over an open cubby or bar to protect its contents or cover a flat-screen TV with miniature wooden doors that slide open when it’s showtime. 

Store books and belongings.

Storage partitions are an increasingly popular way to stack books, display artwork, or store supplies without blocking light permanently or taking up too much of a wall.

How do I install sliding doors?

If you love diving into DIY projects, sliding doors are full of fun potential. Refinish old doors for a rustic barn look, or repaint them in bright colors to liven up your space. However, when it’s time to mount the doors, you might want to find a qualified specialist who has experience with Grant® door hardware. They’ll install wheel carriers on your doors, mount your tracks and bumpers, and make sure everything is precise and slides smoothly into place.

Where do sliding doors go?

The possibilities are yours to explore, but if you aren’t sure how to incorporate sliding doors into your home, consider some of these rooms and spaces:

  • Kitchen – Block distracting sights and smells while you’re preparing food for guests but open the space back up for daily use.
  • Loft space – Add privacy to a wide-open space without permanently losing the open, airy feel.
  • Laundry room – Save space and increase the size of your doorway, to accommodate those large loads.
  • Pantry – Renovate a cramped kitchen by fitting a track between the fridge and the wall, and mounting a partition that contains special compartments for snacks, dishes, and more.
  • Bedroom – ditch the status quo and turn your retreat into a wardrobe-style hideaway.
  • Home offices, inviting entryways, open living rooms and indoor patios are also great places to mount Grant® sliding door installations.

What kind of sliding doors are there?

OVIS offers the following Grant® sliding door systems, featuring custom-made, hand-milled and thoroughly inspected components. Your best option depends on the weight of your door(s), size of your space, and how you want it to function. 

Double bypass doors

Grant 72-138 Bypass Door TrackGrant® double bypass doors are both commercial- and residential-grade. These hardware sets include double tracks that allow doors to move independently of each other, so you can block off an entire entryway or slide them both out of the way. Double bypass doors in different colors also create extra style and color-blocking opportunities. We offer the following two mounting options:

Side mount doors

Our adjustable, side-mounted options include sets 72-034, 72-118, 72-138 and 72-134. Minimum door thickness ranges from 3/4" to 1-3/4". These include extra support on the sides, and are ideal for closets, cabinets and partitions.

Top mount doors

Mount your doors from the top with options 72-222 and 72-223, which require drills instead of visible mounts.

Single and bi-parting doors

Single doors slide back and forth themselves, while bi-parting doors come together and slide apart again. These are also commonly used for pocket door application, where your door recedes into the wall allowing more wall space for furniture, desks, artwork or anything else you can imagine. These hardware tracks are longer and support more weight than the typical double bypass tracks. They’re ideal for larger openings and barn-style bi-parting doors that slide open, but you can use them in a few other ways. For example, mount two tracks end-to-end for extra-long pairs of doors, or mount parallel tracks to create bypassing doors out of heavier and longer materials.

Top Line Grant® 1210

The 1210 line includes aluminum I-beam tracks that support doors up to 1” thick and 225 pounds. They’re available from stock in 6’ and 8’ lengths and longer lengths that need to be shipped by truck can be special ordered.

Top Line Grant® 1230

Slightly hardier Top Line Grant® 1230 tracks are capable of supporting up to 325 pounds each.

Top Line Grant® 5000 Series

We're sorry, but Hettich has discontinued this series (5300 and 5150) as of 8/30/21

Mount heavier, bigger doors with these heavy-duty 5000 Series hanger systems. The aluminum Top Line Grant® 5150 supports up to 150 pounds, while the 5300 supports up to 1000 pounds.

The possibilities are endless!

With Grant® sliding doors, you can transform your space into a stylish and functional oasis. You are only limited by your imagination.

To get started today, browse the Grant® sliding door hardware available at OVIS or download the full catalog for free. Contact the hardware experts at OVIS for help in bringing your interior design dreams to life.

All about Grant Sliding Door Hardware
Chip March 22, 2015
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