8 versions of 12" drawer slides from Hettich, Fulterer, Sugatsune, and Hawthorne & Reid. These are full extension drawer slides and partial extension roller drawer slides.

Builders who are looking for 12" drawer slides to finish their current renovation or new installation projects can find the perfect solution at OVIS. We currently ship 8 different models of 12" drawer slides.


Our wide range of drawer slides come from some of the most respected manufacturers in the market. We stock drawer slides from Hettich, Fulterer, Sugatsune, and Hawthorne & Reid. All of our 12" drawer slides allow full drawer extension and the weight capacity of our models vary from 75 lbs. to 500 lbs. The drawer slides come in a selection of zinc, white and black finishes, depending on the model which is chosen.


Hobbyists and professional woodworkers can choose the perfect 12" drawer slides to complete any project. The models we sell have the in-demand industry options builders want. Most of our drawer slides come with cushioned in-and-out stops and positive hold indent. Some models have locking and telescopic options as well.


Browse our products to read about the models in detail to help you to select the best drawer slide for your project.

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12"  Epoxy Coated Roller Drawer Slide, FR 1921
12" Drawer Slides, Full Extension, 100 lb.
12" Drawer Slides, Full Extension, Black, 100 lb. IS
Hawthorne & Reid, HR2036120001, 12 inch, 50 lb. Full Extension Drawer Slide, Zinc
Hettich, 03338-012-44100, 12" Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Slides
12" Drawer Slides, Bottom Mount, White, 100 lb.
12" Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, 38 Mm, 88Lb
12" Soft Close Drawer Slide, Partial Extension, FR5001.ECD
Hettich, 04932-022-01500, 22" Over Extension Drawer Slides, 130 Lb.
Hettich, 9048982, 9 inch, Soft Close FE Quadro Undermount Slide
12 inch, 100 lb., CS,  Full Extension Drawer Slide, Zinc
12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, 53 mm, 599lb.
12" Quadro FAQ Undermount Drawer Slides, Soft Close, 7/8 Extension
Hettich, 03320-022-44, 22 in. 500 lb. Full Extension Heavy Duty Slide
12" Heavy Duty Drawer Slides, Zinc, FR 5609
12" Undermount Drawer Slide, FR 3001, Box of 10
36 inch Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, FR5400

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