14" drawer slides are commonly used in closet organizers, but have many other applications. OVIS offers both full extension and partial extension in this length. 14" is also popular for keyboard drawer applications. 15 Variations available.

OVIS offers a wide selection of 14” drawer slides. With 15 different models to choose from at competitive prices, you’re sure to find a drawer slide that fits your project. Fourteen-inch drawer slides are a popular choice for keyboard drawers, pull-out cutting boards, and many other retractable, secure surfaces. 


Most of our drawer slides hold up to 100 pounds, with some models exceeding the capacity for 500 pounds! Both full and partial extension options are available. Many of our models feature cushioned in-and-out stops as well as positive hold-in detent for the ultimate smooth and quiet sliding experience. We also offer stainless steel models, which are the optimal choice for damp, corrosive environments.


OVIS only carries top industry manufacturers like Hettich, Hawthorne & Reid, Sugatsune, and Fulterer to ensure top quality installations. Hobbyist and professional woodworkers alike will benefit from years of quality drawer slide performance.

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14"  Epoxy Coated Roller Drawer Slide, FR 1921
14" Drawer Slides, Full Extension, Zinc, 100 lb.
Hettich, 1083375, 14 inch, (350mm) Epoxy Coated Drawer Slide
Keyboard Tray Slides, 14 in, 3/4 Extension , Black
14" Drawer Slides, Full Extension, Zinc 100lb. CS
14" Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, 38 Mm, 84Lb
14" Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Slide, FR5400-SL
14" Keyboard slide, Height Adjustable, Black
14" Keyboard slide, Height Adjustable, Zinc
14" Soft Close Drawer Slide, Full Extension, FR5001.ECD
14" NSF Stainless Steel Full Extension Drawer Slide, FR790.SCC
Hettich, 03320-022-44, 22 in. 500 lb. Full Extension Heavy Duty Slide
36 inch Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, FR5400
350Mm (13-3/4") Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, 53 Mm, 244Lb.
Hettich, 04932-022-01500, 22" Over Extension Drawer Slides, 130 Lb.
14" Heavy Duty Drawer Slides, Zinc, FR 5609