20" drawer slides from Hettich and Hawthorne & Reid. These include full extension, full extension soft close, undermount soft close, and 1 partial extension self closing drawer slide. Weight capacities of 75 lb. 150 lb. and 500 lb. in zinc, white, black and stainless steel. OVIS offers both full extension and partial extension euro roller slide in this 20" length.

Cabinetry, dressers, and other storage solutions require specifically sized components to allow their drawers to fit properly. If you needs 20'' drawer slides, OVIS has the perfect hardware to meet your requirements.


Weight capacity options

If a drawer is storing heavy tools, then a high weight capacity will be necessary. On the other hand, if a drawer is only storing silverware then there won't be much of a need for a high weight capacity. Regardless of your storage needs, OVIS can help. Our 20'' drawer slides are available in a wide range of weight capacity options, from 75 lbs all the way up to 500 lbs!


A variety of slide styles

OVIS 20'' drawer slides are also available in plenty of styles. We offer over half a dozen drawer slide style options for different applications, including:

  • Locking slides
  • Hold out slides
  • Soft close slides
  • Full extension slides
  • Self closing slides
  • Stainless steel slides
  • Over extension slides


Long-haul durability

Regardless of which style or weight capacity you select, all of OVIS 20'' drawer slides are designed to last a lifetime.


For more information about OVIS extensive drawer slide collection, feel free to browse the rest of our products online and contact us with any questions.

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20"  Epoxy Coated Roller Drawer Slide, FR 1921
20 inch, 100 lb., CS,  Full Extension Drawer Slide, Zinc
20" Soft Close Drawer Slide, Full Extension, FR5001.ECD
Hettich, 1058348, 20 inch, (500mm) Epoxy Coated Drawer Slide
Hettich, 05632-020-01500, 20 inch, 100 lb. Full Extension Drawer Slide
20 inch, IS, 100 lb. Full Extension Drawer Slide, Black
20" Soft Close Drawer Slides, Full Extension, Zinc, 100 lb
Hettich, 04932-022-01500, 22" Over Extension Drawer Slides, 130 Lb.
20" Keyboard slide, Height Adjustable, Zinc
20" Drawer Slides, 220 lb. Heavy Duty, Full Extension
20" Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, Soft Close, Zinc, FR5210.ECD
20" Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Slide, FR5400-L
20" Heavy Duty Pantry Slide, FR777.A
20" Pantry Slide, FR775.ECD with Soft Close
20" Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, 38 Mm, 73Lb
20" NSF Stainless Steel Full Extension Drawer Slide, FR790.SCC
20" Heavy Duty Drawer Slides, Zinc, FR 5609
Hettich, 03320-022-44, 22 in. 500 lb. Full Extension Heavy Duty Slide
36 inch Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, FR5400
20" Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, Soft Close, 45 Mm, 77Lb.
20" Locking Heavy Duty Drawer Slides, Zinc, FR 5609.SL