OVIS has compiled a guide of information and articles about drawer slides, there use, properties, and limitations.
OVIS has compiled a guide of information and articles about drawer slides, there use, properties, and limitations.
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Ultimate Guide to Drawer Slides
Nothing can make or break the quality of a project you have been working on more than the drawer slides you choose. Whether working on a kitchen, bathroom, closet, pantry remodel or a personal project, choosing the right drawer slide makes the perfect final touch. The following is a guide to all the useful options that are available to homeowners today.
Drawer Slide Terms & Definitions
A comprehensive list of terms and definitions related to drawer slides. An excellent guide to learn about specific drawer slide terminology.
How To: Change a MultiTech Front Connector
The old Hettich MultiTech Series and front fixing clips are no longer available. The old series was discontinued around 2005, and the old clips were sold out in January of 2014. To fix drawers with the old system, you need to replace the old MultiTech system with the new MultiTech LS series. While this sounds difficult, it’s really not very hard.
How to: Install a Heavy Duty Drawer Slide

My recommended method to mount the slides is as follows.

Hettich FR 602 L Epoxy Coated Euro Roller Slide.
The Hettich FR602L was discontinued by Hettich over a decade ago. Replacements are no longer available. The rear mounting socket for this slide was also discontinued, and replacements were completely sold out about 5 years ago
Markets - Heavy Drawer Slides Applications
While most people only think of drawer slides in applications like filing cabinets and kitchens, there are actually a hundreds of applications across many industries for high quality drawer slides. Heavy-duty drawer slides in particular can be especially efficient for people working in industrial, military, medical, service, and a variety of mobile applications. In many cases a new drawer slide may allow people to get more work done in a safer environment than if traditional fixtures had been left in place.
When is a drawer too wide or too big?
Wide cabinet drawers are popular these days, but how wide is too wide? The rule of thumb is 1.5 times the length of the drawer slide.
A graphic guide to drawer slide information
A graphic guide to drawer slide information. (Infographic)
KA1730: How to measure for a replacement
How to measure for a replacement Hettich KA 1730 grooved drawer slide.
Markets - Industrial Applications for Drawer Slides
Manufacturing products in today’s industrial fields is challenging and complex. Equipment for industrial applications must be effective and exceptionally dependable. OVIS carries various drawer slide solutions whose duty cycle, load evaluations, and quality make them perfect for various challenging applications on the factory floor. Everything from heavy-duty industrial hardware to light-weight, streamlined models are available at OVIS.