PS Locks LogoPS Locks are a commercial grade RFID or Bluetooth hidden lock system. Keypad locks are also available. These locks are designed for retail store fixtures, furniture, kitchen cabinets, office furniture, or other applications you may dream up.

PS Locks LogoThe PS Solo Series RFID and Bluetooth Locks are ideal for cabinetry, furniture and other woodworking projects. The new generation of "SOLO" electronic furniture locks proves that furniture locks can be both invisible and simple to operate, too!

The SOLO lock is attached to the inside or rear of a cabinet, for example and the RFID chip opens the lock through up to 25mm of wood or glass. With up to 25,000 cycles per battery, the furniture lock can be opened more than nine times a day for over 10 years with the included (replaceable) battery.

Based on the internal chip system, you can program the lock very easily without a pc or software, just by using a programming card. Based on a proxy system up to 50 keys (e-cards or chips) can be activated for each lock.

PS locks products are built to the highest standard in Austria using mainly European components. They are so confident in the quality of their products, PS Locks offers a *5 Year Warranty and with this 5-year warranty, products will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

*The PS 5-year warranty covers the repair or replacement of the product once returned to the manufacturer in Austria.  This excludes 3rd party damage and transportation costs. 

PS strives to provide customers with high-quality, precision made products,  fast lead times and excellent customer service.To support our commitment, PS GmbH became ISO 9001:2008 certified on Sept. 15th, 2015.With our ISO certified quality management, PS will continue to do our very best, every day, to ensure you are confident in our services and get exactly what you need.

About PS Locks
As a manufacturer of electronic RFID furniture locks, PS GmbH sets store by “100 % Made in Austria”, going against the trend of outsourcing.Based on experience gained over the past three years, the majority of our components are produced by our partners in Austria, Germany and Italy. The close proximity of these production facilities, as well as strict and consistent quality control, were contributing factors to this decision.With this newly assured supplier quality and flexible production based in Austria, PS GmbH can now maintain a long-term, consistent and excellent quality of production.
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