For more than 50 years, Senco has been making the fasteners that hold America’s homes together. Builders, carpenters, and general contractors rely on Senco’s fasteners every time they build. OVIS proudly offers a great selection of Senco fasteners you can depend on for your next project.


Built for Senco's Air-Powered Tools

Senco fasteners are designed to be used with the company’s powerful, portable air-powered tools. Whether you are building a deck, framing a house or installing a new carpet, Senco’s tools make installing fasteners simple and easy. All you need to do is load the galvanized fastener in the appropriate tool, and you are all set to go.  


Find the Right Fastener

Fasteners are available in a variety of sizes for every type of job. To find the ones best suited for the work you are doing, browse our online catalog. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us either by email or phone. Our team members will gladly help you select the right fastener for your project and ensure you have everything you need.

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Senco, AX13EAA, Brad 1 Inch, 18 Ga., Galv, Plain
Senco, AX17EAC White, Brad 1-1/2 Inch, 18 Ga., Galv.
Senco, AY11EAA, Brad  3/4 Inch, 18 Ga., Galv., Plain
Senco, AZ08EAA, Brad 1/2 Inch, 18 Ga., Galv., Plain, Headless
Senco, AZ13EAA, Brad 1 Inch, 18 Ga., Galv., Plain, Headless
Senco, DA15EPBN, Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 1-1/4 Inch, Bright Basic
Senco, DA17EPBN, Finish Nail, 15 Ga. 1-1/2 Inch, Bright Basic
Senco, DA19EPBN, Finish Nail, 15 Ga. 1-3/4 Inch, Bright Basic
Senco, E08BAA, Staple, 1/2 Inch Crn,  3/8 Inch Leg, Galv., Plain
Senco, GC21APBN, Smooth Shank .113, 2 Inch, Bright Basic, Sencote
Senco, GC23APBN, Smooth Nail .113, 2-1/4 Inch, Bright Basic
Senco, GE24APAN, Ring, .113, 2-3/8 Inch, Bright Basic, Plain
Senco, L10BABN, Staple, 1/4 Inch Crn,  5/8 Inch Leg 18 Ga., Galv.
Senco, L13BABN, Staple, 1/4 Inch Crn., 1 Inch Leg 18 Ga., Galv.
Senco, L14BAB, Staple, 1/4 Inch Crn, 1-1/8 Inch Leg 18 Ga., Galv.
Senco, L17BAB, Staple, 1/4 Inch Crn., 1-1/2 Inch Leg 18 Ga., Galv
Senco, M12BAB, Staple, 3/8 Inch Crn, 7/8 Inch Leg 18 Ga., Galv.
Senco, N19BAB, Staple, 7/16 Inch Crn, 1-3/4 Inch Leg 16 Ga.
Senco, P15BAB, Staple, 1 Inch Crn, 1-1/4 Inch Leg 16 Ga.
Senco, P17BAB, Staple, 1 Inch Crn, 1-1/2 Inch Leg 16 Ga.