Sizes from 8" to 60". Quickly find the size slide you need by viewing all the available types in that size.
OVIS specializes in offering a large selection of drawer slides to suit every need and purpose. With sizes ranging from 8” up to 60” you are sure to find the perfect fit for your project. Our drawer slides are made with top quality materials to ensure a long working lifespan. We carry drawer slides manufactured by the best brands in the business like Hettich, Fulterer, Sugatsune, and Hawthorne & Reid. You can also shop by drawer slide type here.

Drawer slides are a key component in top quality storage solutions. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom, or office, drawer slides play an important role in the function of your organized space.

There is a wide array of drawer slide types to customize your cabinetry and accommodate your unique needs. Choose from a variety of extension lengths including ¾ extension, full extension, and over extension to maximize drawer storage space and accessibility. Additionally, we have stainless steel and undermount drawer slides available, as well as extra long drawer slides for large cabinets. Drawer slides can are also used in a variety of specialized applications, and OVIS has a great selection of options to take your drawer slides to the next level.

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30 inch drawer slides and longer
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