28 Inch Drawer Slides

For large drawers, you should not be forced to settle for any limited capabilities due to shorter drawer slides. OVIS' extra-long 28'' drawer slides are perfect for large drawers that are built for high volume storage. Drawer slides of this size are less commonly used for residential purposes; they are mostly used in commercial and industrial applications. These uniquely capable drawer slides can solve a wide variety of storage needs. Here is how:

High weight capacity for maximum storage

If you need a drawer with 28'' drawer slides, then chances are that they need to store a lot of items. For this to work, the drawer must be able to handle the weight that comes with this. With OVIS' 28'' drawer slides, this will be no problem, since they are built to handle anywhere from 90-500 lbs.

Drawer slide capabilities to meet any need

Everyone's storage needs are different. For example, if a cabinet is on a slanted platform, it will need something to prevent its drawers from constantly opening or closing. OVIS' 28'' drawer slides provide solutions for this, and many other problems with the following capabilities:

  • Heavy duty slides to endure rough conditions
  • Full extension slides so that nothing can hide in the back of a drawer
  • Locking slides to prevent accidental opening or closing

Long-term durability

Produced by top quality manufacturers like Hettich, Fulterer and Hawthorne & Reid, all of OVIS' 28'' drawer slides will last for many years to come.

For more information about OVIS' drawer slides and our other, storage solutions, browse our products online or contact us directly if you have any questions.

28" Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, FR5400
The 550 lb. rated Fulterer FR5400, 28" Heavy Duty Drawer Slide is made of zinc plated, cold rolled steel and have a 3/4" installation width. They have stainless steel ball bearings and plastic ball spacers to reduce friction. This is a non-detachable slide.
117.82 117.82000000000001 USD
28" Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, FR5609
NEW, Now in imperial dimensions. Fulterer FR 5609, 28 inch heavy duty (225 lb.) 1" over extension drawer slides. These drawer slides are ideal filing cabinets office furniture architectural millwork and commercial applications where a heavy capacity is needed.
48.37 48.370000000000005 USD
28" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, 72 Mm, 400Lb/pr. Price For 1 Slide.
The Sugatsune ESR-10-28 is a 28" full extension stainless drawer slide with a 400 lb. per pair weight capacity. The 304 grade stainless drawer slides are ideal for use in damp, corrosive, coastal and marine applications such as boats, beach houses, laboratories, locker rooms, etc.
288.60 288.6 USD
28" Locking Drawer Slide, FR5400.L
The Fulterer FR5400.L, 28" Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Slide, can work as a lock-in only, or lock-in and lock-out drawer slide depending on the orientation of the slides. All you need to do is swap the left and right sides and the locking mechanism will operate in the other mode. This 28" model has a dynamic weight capacity of 550 lbs. or 250 kg..
132.80 132.8 USD
28" Pantry Slide, FR777
The Fulterer FR777.A, Heavy Duty 28" Pantry Slide, makes for an easy installation of a custom roll out pantry. The FR 777.A model is designed for large full height pantry pull-outs, up to 450 lbs. Optional Soft Close available.
403.39 403.39 USD
28" Soft Close Drawer Slide,, Full Extension, FR5001.ECD
The Fulterer FR5001.ECD 28" soft close drawer slides are ideal for cabinetry, furniture and other woodworking projects.
28.67 28.67 USD
28" Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, Soft Close. 45 Mm, 87Lb.
The Sugatsune ESR-SC4513-24 is a 24 inch soft close full extension stainless drawer slide and has a weight capacity of 68 lbs..
67.20 67.2 USD
700 Mm NSF Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, FR 790.SCC
Fulterer FR 790.SCC 700 mm (28") is a stainless steel, NSF Certified drawer slide.
164.57 164.57 USD
Drawer Slide, Full extension, 28 in., Medium Duty, 100 lb. capacity, Zinc
The Hettich/Grant 5632 ball bearing 28" drawer slides are a telescopic precision full extension drawer slide with cushioned in and out stops and positive hold-in detent. Made of chromated steel with precision ball bearings, the 5632 provides smooth action and high lateral stability.
22.69 22.69 USD
KA4932 Drawer Slide 28"
The Hettich/Grant KA 4932 ball bearing 28" over extension drawer slides are a telescopic precision over extension slide with cushioned in and out stops and positive hold-in detent.
33.67 33.67 USD