Rev-A-Shelf Cabinet OrganizersAt OVIS, we're happy to make your life easier by cutting the clutter and making every space more efficient. That's why we offer a wide variety of top-of-the-line cabinet organizers by Rev-A-Shelf, designed to meet all your home storage needs. Whether you're sick of squeezing everything into a tiny kitchen or can't seem to keep your ample cabinets organized, we're here to help.

Shop from these Rev-A-Shelf Cabinet Organizer categories.

Find and grab exactly what you need every time, thanks to pull-out shelves and drawers that maximize your longest, tallest spaces. Store all your spice jars, cleaning products, and baking supplies in convenient hanging racks and door-mounted shelves. And take advantage of holders designed especially for plastic bags, boxes of foil, and silverware.

Are you renovating your kitchen? Turn even the slimmest, most shallow nooks and crannies into high-capacity storage units. With our cabinet fillers, tip-out trays, peg walls, and corner pull-outs, you'll have a unique, easy-access kitchen that will revolutionize the way you cook and clean.

The benefits don't stop at organization, either. Your surfaces will be more attractive and hygienic than ever, thanks to organizers that keep sponges, hand towels, knives, cleaning products, and waste and recycling bins out-of-sight.

We also offer pull-down shelves, mixer lifts, and handicap-accessible storage options, so everyone in the family can retrieve those formerly out-of-reach dishes and appliances.

Don't waste valuable vertical space or stack up all your heavy cookware and dishware. Instead, make the most of every square inch with our heavy-duty chrome, stainless steel, polyethylene, wire, plastic, and wooden cabinet additions. There’s a cabinet organizer for every space, and you can find the right fixture for your kitchen at OVIS.

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Rev-A-Shelf Pull-Out Trash Cans
Pull-Out trash cans including door mount units and recycling centers. Available in wood, wire frame,...
Rev-A-Shelf, RAS-ML-HDCR, Chrome Heavy Duty Mixer/Appliance Lift
Price: $67.25
Rev-A-Shelf's Heavy Duty Mixer Lift or Appliance lift is the ideal way to store and conceal small appliances or big KitchenAid Style Mixers when they are not in use. With an easy pull of the shelf, the heavy-duty lifting arms gracefully raise your mixer to counter top level, giving you the kitchen accessory you need in a matter of seconds.
pot & pan organizer
Who hasn't had to dig for a pot or pan in the stack we keep in the cabinet? Organization is the key!...
Pull out shelf for easy access
OVIS Stocks a large variety of pull out shelves to retrofit into your cabinets. If you have issues a...
Drawer Organizers
Are you tired of your cabinet drawers being a shamble? Drawer Organizers take your drawers from "Mes...
Cabinet Lazy Susans
Full Circle, Kidney Shaped, D-Shaped, and Pie-Cut for attaching to door. White, Almond, Chrome &...
Cabinet Spice Racks
The Rev-A-Shelf door mount spice racks are easily attached to the back of your cabinet door and allo...
Sink front tip out trays
Tip-out trays are available in several styles and materials. From the budget friendly Tip-out Trays ...
Cabinet door storage
Make use of the back of your cabinet door with Door Storage units. We have units that store your alu...
Filler Organizers by revashelf
Wall Cabinet Fillers and Base Cabinet Fillers are intended for a complete kitchen rennovation or new...
Blind corner pull-outs
Blind corner organizers help you get your stored items pulled out for easy access.
Handicap accessible products
Organization and ease of access is a must for the physically challenged individual. We carry several...
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Rev-A-Shelf, RAS-ML-HDCR, Chrome Heavy Duty Mixer/Appliance Lift
Price: $67.25
Rev-A-Shelf, 6901-24-15-52, Replacement SHELF, Pie-Cut, Almond, 24 Inch
Price: $26.54
Rev-A-Shelf, 5349-18DM-2, Double Doormount 35 Qt. Trash Can, White
Price: $157.95