28 versions of 16" drawer slides from Hettich and Hawthorne & Reid. These are all full extension and 1 partial extension drawer slide. Weight capacity ranges from 75 lb. to 550 lb. in zinc, white or black and stainless steel. OVIS offers both full extension and partial extension euro roller slide in this 16" length.

Finding the best hardware for a woodworking job can be difficult and expensive. Professional builders and DIYers who need the best hardware to finishing their projects can turn to OVIS to find the solution for finishing any woodworking project. OVIS provides an easy way for woodworkers to find the perfect 16” drawer slide quickly, at a fair price, and with the convenience of direct shipping.

OVIS offers a wide range of slides from only the best manufacturers. Builders can choose from a variety of models manufactured by Hettich, Fulterer, Sugatsune, and Hawthorne & Reid. OVIS' 16” drawer slides have a weight capacities of 75 to 500 lbs., and offer full extension and partial extension features. Optional locking and soft-closing versions are available on select models. The 16” drawer slides available at OVIS come in zinc, white, epoxy-coated, black and stainless steel finishes to fit the look of any project.

OVIS wants to be your go-to hardware provider. Easy online ordering means convenience and OVIS' years of experience selling hardware makes us experts at all types of woodworking projects. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance in choosing the right 16” drawer slides for any current or future project.  

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16"  Epoxy Coated Roller Drawer Slide, FR 1921
16" Soft Close Drawer Slide, Full Extension, FR5001.ECD
Hettich, 05632-016-01500, 16 inch, 100 lb.  Full Extension Drawer Slide
16 inch, 100 lb., IS, Full Extension Drawer Slide, Zinc
16" Drawer Slides, 220 lb. Heavy Duty, Full Extension
Hettich, 9048976, 15 inch, Soft Close FE Quadro Undermount Slide
16" Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, 38 Mm, 84Lb
16 inch Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Slide, FR5400-L
16" Keyboard slide, Height Adjustable, Zinc
16" Keyboard slide, Height Adjustable, Black
15" Center Mount Drawer Slide, FR 5090
MultiTech LS 86 X 400, White, Partial Extension
16" NSF Stainless Steel Full Extension Drawer Slide, FR790.SCC
16" Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, Soft Close, 45 Mm, 82Lb.
16" Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, Soft Close, Zinc, FR5210.ECD
16" Drawer Slides, Full Extension, Zinc 100lb. CS
15" Quadro FAQ Undermount Drawer Slides, Soft Close, 7/8 Extension
15" Quadro FAQ Frameless Undermount Drawer Slides, Soft Close, 7/8 Extension
MultiTech LS 54 X 400, White, Partial Extension
Hettich, 03320-022-44, 22 in. 500 lb. Full Extension Heavy Duty Slide
Hettich, 04932-022-01500, 22" Over Extension Drawer Slides, 130 Lb.
16" Heavy Duty Drawer Slides, Zinc, FR 5609
36 inch Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, FR5400
400Mm (15-3/4") Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drawer Slide, 53 Mm, 244Lb.
15" Undermount Drawer Slide, FR 3001, Box of 10

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