Discontinued items from various manufacturers
Discontinued items from various manufacturers. These items are not returnable.

Find old items for replacing a broken part with the exact same item. Items include Hettich hinges and mounting plates from older series like the Hettich Euomat and Hettich TopSafe. Sorry we do not have any of the very old Varimat series.
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Top Safe Concealed Cabinet Hinge, E10, 110* Opening, Nickel
Top Safe Face Frame Mounting Plate - 1mm
Top Safe Mounting Plate 3Mm W/Euroscrews
Euromat Cabinet Hinge 110* T43 E0 Free Swinging
Euromat Mounting Plate, 0 mm direct fix
Intermat Cabinet Hinge, 9936 95* W45 T42 C -17
10,0 Distance Spacer Plate for Wing Mounting Plate
5* Angle for Univ mpl
10* Angle Univ mpl
Toe kick support knock-in plate
Toe Kick Support Clip
Euro leg 100mm dia (- 5/ +23mm)
Fixing block screw-on version
Euro leg 150mm dia (-15/ +13mm)
VS29 29-36mm white
Threaded cover cap A white
CS thread sleeve M4 X 18mm chr
CS thread sleeve M4 X 15mm chrome
Cover cap Direkta 2 brown
Cover cap Direkta 2 white
Wardrobe bearing SL323DD NP
E'MAT 110*, T43/10,  E10, Hinge Discontinued
Euromat Plus Cabinet Hinge, 9935 95* T22/40 C -5
Hettich Top Safe 0mm Mounting Plate
Euromat Plus 0MM Mounting Plate, W/EuroScrews
Socket M5 10mm dia hole white
ET2045 Cabinet Hinge, Plus 5/16" (8Mm) Overlay, Nickel
Euromat Cabinet Hinge T43 E10
Euromat Mounting Plate, 3mm offset, direct fix
Euromat Cabinet Hinge T42 E16.5
Euromat Cabinet Hinge, 165*, T42 Cup
EuroMat Plus, 170* T43 E0
EuroMat Top Safe, 125* T43 E0
Leveler foot cover clr
Levko foot 100mm X M8
Levko U-bracket M8
Levko M8 'T' nut PS
Intermat Cabinet Hinge, black cover cap
Selekta Top 270* 15 Ovl Hinge Arm & Cup, Black
Quadro V6 SFG 350mm IW 20mm
Quadro V6 SFG 400mm IW 20mm Dpack/With Fixing Clips
Concealed Face Frame Cabinet Hinge, 1 in. Overlay, Zinc, DISCONTINUED.
Intermat Cabinet Hinge, 9944 125* T42 C9.5
2333 Mt. Plate 3mm w/o screws. For use with Markant 7.1
Antique Latte Glaze Knob
Cabinet Knob, Bedford, Brass
3" Thumblatch FB Pull
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CS thread sleeve M4 X 15mm chrome
Toe Kick Support Clip
CS thread sleeve M4 X 18mm chr