Very little in life is as satisfying as getting the job done right, and with our large selection of sandpaper abrasives you are sure to find the ones you need to make it happen. 

OVIS stocks a wide variety of sandpaper abrasives for almost any woodworking project. From removing paint and stain, to smoothing even the roughest of woods to a silky smooth feel, our selection of sandpapers will help you do it all.

Our sandpapers are available in a wide array of grains from rough to fine to meet your sanding needs. All of our papers come from great suppliers like Norton, Hermes, and more, so you know that you are getting the best quality abrasives available.
It doesn't matter if you are looking for sandpaper for belt sanders, discs, or just loose sandpaper sheets, we've got you covered so that your project can look and feel its best.

37 X 60 Grit Sanding Belt
37" x 60" 60 Grit Widebelt Sanding Belts. Open coat cloth belt.
49.91 49.910000000000004 USD