OVIS stocks replacement KA 1730 for Ikea and other European furniture manufacturers. The KA 1730 is commonly used in dresser drawers, and has a 22 lb load rating. These slides recess into a groove in the side of the drawer box.

Hettich KA 1730 Profile

Watch our video on how to measure for a replacement KA 1730

Grooved drawer slides are the perfect solution to repair or enhance any drawer in the house. Here are the reasons why they are an excellent drawer upgrade solution:



The toughness of OVIS' well-made grooved drawer slides guarantee years and years of high quality use. This extends the life of the entire set of cabinetry.


No Maintenance Required

In addition to extending the life of the cabinetry, OVIS grooved drawer slides also make the cabinetry easier to maintain. This is due to the fact that they require absolutely no maintenance.



Low-quality drawer slides make the entire cabinetry set seem cheap, even if it has been made of a high quality wood. OVIS grooved drawer slides can easily replace rickety old drawer slides. They feature a high-end ball bearing design that makes the drawers open and close in a fluid motion.



Even the softest touch can result in a drawer slamming if it does not have the right components. With grooved drawer slides, you don't have to worry about accidentally slamming a drawer.


Easy to Install

All of OVIS grooved drawer slides feature a unified design that makes them easy for just about anybody to install.


To learn more, feel free to browse OVIS drawer hardware products online or contact us today with any questions.

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KA1730: How to measure for a replacement
Hettich KA1730 Drawer Slides Specifications
KA 1730-400-250-410 Grooved Drawer Slide
KA 1730-500-310-520, Grooved Drawer Slide
KA 1730-250-185-260 Grooved Drawer Slide
KA 1730-550-550, Grooved Drawer Slide
KA 1730-500-500, Grooved Drawer Slide
KA 1730-450-450, Grooved Drawer Slide
KA 1730-430-430, Grooved Drawer Slide

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