Towel Holders

Using paper towels all of the time will quickly become wasteful and expensive. Improperly stored dish towels, however, can become unsightly and in the way. Fortunately, there is a dish towel storage solution to keep them out of the way, while always being within reach: towel holders supplied by OVIS. There are several benefits to using sleek, pull-out towel holders:

Install in critical areas

Dish towels are usually tossed somewhere around the kitchen sink. With a towel rack from OVIS, dish towels can be placed under medians or within any cabinet space.

Easily hidden

A used dish towel is an unsightly thing to behold, especially in an otherwise clean kitchen. All of the towel holders supplied by OVIS are retractable so that they can be easily hidden from view, and accessed as needed.

Hold multiple towels

Having extra towels on hand ensures that one will always be ready to get the job done. The towel racks supplied by OVIS are all capable of holding multiple towels for maximum utility.

Top shelving accessory producer Rev-A-Shelf manufactures all of OVIS' towel holders to ensure top quality and durability. We offer a choice of white, or chrome finishes to match nearly any decor.

2 Prong Towel Bar-Chrome
2-Prong Chrome Towel Bar accommodates common dish towels and attaches on inside of the cabinet walls for easy accessibility.
18.99 18.990000000000002 USD
3 Prong Towel Bar-Chrome
Towel Holder will accomodate all common dish towels and fasten to cabinet doors under the sink. Pull-Out Towel bar has 3 prongs and 12" inch extension for accessibility. Mounting is universal for horizontal or vertical.
25.49 25.490000000000002 USD
Wire Towel Holder, Chrome
This attractive and convenient towel holder will accommodate all common dish towels and fasten to cabinet doors under the sink. Chrome.
7.99 7.99 USD